LaGuardia Airport Terminals

LaGuardia Airport consists of four operative passenger terminals known as: A, B, C and D.


Present & Future

Given the outdated facilities that LaGuardia Airport has, there is a reconstruction project to replace the existing airport which will last until 2021.


Trasfer between terminals

Terminal A is next to the Marine Air Terminal. Both facilities are located close to Parking Lot 6 and 10. Terminal C and Terminal D are connected to each other through a walkway. Both facilities are closer to Parking Lot P4, P5 and the Premium Reserved Parking.




Terminals A, Terminal D and most of Terminal C are operated by Delta Air Lines. Terminal B is managed under direct Port Authority operation.



Terminal A

It is located next to the Marine Air Terminal and along with the Delta Shuttle, operates with general aviation by Sheltair.

It is home of boarding gates A1-A6.

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Terminal B - Central Terminal Building (CTB)

Alternatively known as Central Terminal Building (CTB), it will completed its expansion and refurbishment project by 2019.

This terminal is exclusively Port Authority operation.

It consists of four concourses: A, B, C and D that manage domestic airlines.

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Terminal C

A couple of airlines operate in LaGuardia Airport Terminal C: Delta Airlines and American Airlines.

It is home of boarding gates C15-C34 and C35-C44.

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Terminal D

Terminal D at LaGuardia Airport is a high-tech facility.

It is home of boarding gates D1-D11.

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